Why us , Because We grow brands

A lot has been talked and discussed the onslaught of recession and the impact that it has had on business and financial markets. Many businesses that were on the rise have practically taken a backseat and moved from a profit-centric model to cost centric models. A lot of small and medium business have either closed down or has merged with other bigger companies in the same line of business and found a way out. As well as acquisitions and takeovers by larger companies of smaller companies have been seen happening more during this period.

ISF seeks business investors for its SMEs’ from High Net worth Individuals, mid-size corporate houses who have funds locked up in fixed income and have a risk-taking appetite in the current environment, Young Entrepreneurs who can themselves arrange for seed funding.

What is Innovative Solution Framework ?

Innovative Solution Framework is such an organization that has understood the need of the hour and configured its services towards meeting the right requirement of today’s SMEs.

Can this cycle be controlled and monitored ?

Definitely yes! But how? It is simple. One needs to simplify its requirements and operations.

So, how do we define growth ?

Growth can be defined as the churn of an organization to run the business cycle in a manner that enables it to make a profit to reinvest in the next cycle and thereafter runs on its own.

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