ISF believes in being in the SME’s shoes and understand its business requirements right at the beginning of the cycle. It is always on the move to come up with innovative financial services by doing in-depth research and risk assessment. It gives advisory and management services based on the risks assessed with the associated business. ISF doesn’t stop at just assessment and advice, but as well does business planning, modeling and commissioning of the plan. It helps SME to build its sales and channel as well in the process.

During its operation it looks into the working capital cycle and brings out the flaws in the notice of the SME. If required it advises for corporate finance, financial services and corporate restructuring. If required, ISF as well participates in contract, negotiation and dispute management with its vendors. Finally, ISF help in training requirement for the SME’s and its management and leadership teams.

What does this ineffectively means for the SME’s is that ISF helps in lowering the total cost of ownership of non-related business infrastructure and increases the top line, reduces the cost of operation through optimal business cycle and financing overheads, taxes, etc’s and thus increasing the bottom-line that can be reinvested back to the business for growth.

Way Ahead.

It is time that we come to terms with the current global environment and bring about a change in our way of looking at the SME businesses in our country. Government and other government-based agencies have been committing a proper infrastructure for the growth of the SME market in India. What is need of the hour is keeping things simple and offering to SME’s an environment which is risk-free in terms of investment, helping them with good professional advises that help them churn out return and enable them to grow without thinking much of management and leadership. IFS helps SME’s with proper cost-effective professional management and leadership services that can be managed within their budget.