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Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Both small businesses with no marketing experts on staff and large companies with a dedicated marketing department can use the advice of a marketing consultant.

Hiring a marketing consultant can:

  • Supply specialized skills and expertise that a company lacks.
  • Provide an external viewpoint to internal challenges.
  • Prompt a new perspective on customers or marketing strategies.
  • Allow a business to focus on product development and overall operations.

When a company needs to outsource marketing efforts, it is often time to seek out marketing consultants. A marketing consultant is an outside advisor who works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies.

The Need

You need a marketing consultant if you:

  • Want to build your business
  • Need to set well-defined goals
  • Require a solid strategic marketing plan with both short- and long-term goals
  • Need help monitoring key metrics to measure success
  • Are uncertain what key metrics would be (things such as daily foot traffic, lead to sale conversion ratios, website traffic, social media engagement, incoming calls or leads, profit margins)
  • Want to improve relations and loyalty with existing clients
  • Desire to expand into new markets and attract new customers

ISF Marketing consultant helps create a detailed marketing plan, determine a business’s marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to the target market.

ISF Marketing consultant are also involved in implementing the marketing strategy.

ISF Marketing consultant often help monitor results and tweak campaigns as they go to ensure that companies get the best results from their marketing efforts.

Our Marketing consultants work closely with businesses to develop brand awareness or promote a single product or service. It’s a career that requires teamwork and partnership, as well as the ability to work in different business environments on projects with a variety of goals and strategies.

Help with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important part of inbound. However, many business owners use social media ineffectively as a marketing strategy. A marketing consultant will be able to determine the ideal platforms to use, what content to post, and how to engage your target audience on social media.

Help with Content Marketing

Content is vital to successful inbound marketing. A marketing consultant will be able to help you create a content strategy, determine what type of content you should be using, determine which audiences and which stages of the sales funnel you should be focusing on, and identify the best platforms for distribution.

Help with SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy can significantly improve your inbound marketing results. A consultant can help you research competitors and keywords and develop an SEO strategy that will drive results.

ISF can ...

Help Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Many people fail at inbound marketing on their own because they just perform activities willy-nilly. They don’t have a plan to guide their actions. One of the first things a marketing consulting firm will do is come in, learn all about your business, and then help you build a personalized strategic plan that includes measurable goals that tie into overall business objectives, timetables to follow, buyer personas to target, types of content to prepare, keywords to use, and metrics to analyze.

Help Implementing Tools and Tech

Successful inbound marketing relies on the use of tools and technology. Your marketing consulting firm will review the tools that you’re currently using and recommend new software programs and tools that will be able to improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and results. This may include marketing automation software, email tracking tools, content generation tools, and more.

Help Driving Traffic, Generating Leads, and Nurturing Leads

Your marketing consulting firm will review your process and determine how you can improve lead generation and nurturing strategies. A consultant can help you develop effective strategies, like SEO and blogging, to drive traffic, and help guide you in the creation of landing pages and CTAs to turn those web visitors into leads.

You’ll also get the help you need to develop and implement lead nurturing campaigns that will help you move leads through the sales funnel.

You May Need Additional Services, However

Above, we detailed many of the things that a marketing consulting firm can do for your business. You’ll note that we used the word “help” a lot. This was by design. That’s because a consultant will do just that—consult. They won’t actually do any of the time-consuming, complex, or often tedious work for you.

A consultant will not create or edit your content. A consultant will not regularly review your metrics for you. A consultant will not build or design your website. A consultant will not post on social media for you. A marketing consultant firm will only advise, guide, and direct your business to best practices.

If you’re looking for more, you may be in need of a full-service inbound marketing agency instead. This full-service firm will take over your web development and design, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, and everything else, so you can ensure that it’s handled effectively, efficiently, and expertly.